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Third Grade

Third Grade

A Plus Math
Developed to help kids learn math interactively. Grades K-5. 

Animals of the Rainforest 
Learn why animals need the rainforest to survive. 

Students work in groups to learn how the plant life cycle works with apples. 

Are You a Math Magician? 
Great website for math practice. Has multiples, numbers, clocks, fractions, percent, sequencing and more. Math Magic is excellent for timed practice. Grades K-6.

Ask Dr. Math
Need Help with a Math Concept?

Astronomy for Kids 
Learn about the solar system, space exploration and the universe with great pictures for kids to learn! 

Create Your Own Planet 
Create your own planet, including atmosphere, geology, biology and astronomy.

Learn About our Environment

Enchanted Learning 
Great resources and activities for primary teachers and students. It offers bilingual dictionaries, interactive stories, coloring activities and more. Grades K-5.

This site is full of educational games for kids. It is a great place for kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Grades K-8.

Idiom Connection
American idioms grouped alphabetically with quizzes included.

Journey of the Universe 

Kids Astronomy  Learn all about the Solar System

The Oregon Pioneers
Broken into 3 sections - settling Oregon, emigrants, and research.

The Oregon Trail
Learn about what it was like to travel the trail. Look at historical sites, learn facts about the trail and read journals.

Owl Writing Lab
Need some help with language arts problems? Check out this website.

Build a City in the Solar System

Solar System Simulator
Input information about a planet and make a simulation. 

Spelling City 
Great Way to practive your spelling words.

Views of the Solar System
Multimedia adventure showing the splendor of the sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and more.

Welcome to the Planets 
NASA pictures of the solar system and explorers plus a glossary of planet terms.

Windows to the Universe 
Learn about the planets. 

World Wildlife Federation 
Fun with Wildlife