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Second Grade

Second Grade

Apple facts, trivia, recipes and coloring book. 

Arcademic Skill Builders
Educational video games for basic academic skills 

Bananas, Peaches, Pineapples 
Fun and exciting way to learn about fruits and vegetables.

Book Pop
Children's interactive books on the web by Stephen Cosgrove. 
Grades K-3.

Learn about oranges with activities and stories about orange juice.

Enchanted Learning 
Great resources and activities for primary teachers and students. It offers bilingual dictionaries, interactive stories, coloring activities and more. Grades K-5.

Food Puzzles 
Worksheets with a food theme.

Food Safety
Learn about food safety for kids.

Game Goo
Learning that Sticks

Milking Cows
Learn all about milk and enjoy a great tour about dairy farming.

Mindtroopers Fun Math ans Reading Games

Peanut Butter
Gives you everything you ever wanted to know about peanut butter!

Coloring book about George Washinton Carver and his role in growing crops.

Learn about popcorn, hear the popcorn sound, visually appealing.

Interactive books and activities for early reading instruction. It also offers great printed learning materials at a very low price. Grades K-2.

Learn how to grow watermelons, do watermelon activities, and watch videos on how to get them to market.